RadZ Publishing

Company name: RadZ Consulting

Company location: Sacramento, California, USA

Address: 770 L Street, Suite 950, Sacramento, 95814 California, USA

Company contact:     URL: http://www.radzpub.com

E-mail:   radzpublishing@gmail.com

Tel.: +1 (888) 577-6414

Key Executives:

Dr. Ehsanollah Mansouri Rad, President and CEO

Dr. Rad is an Applied Mathematics (Operations Research) PhD. His research area is Mathematical Modeling & Operations Research for real world problems, particularly problems with Fuzzy nature. He is an expert in mathematical Sciences, Operations Research and Business Analysis. Dr. Rad has been a mathematics & operations research researcher since 2006 in Payame Noor University, Azad University, University Putra Malaysia, Taylors University, Sunway University and Los Rios Community College Sacramento. He is author of three books, monograph and over 25 research papers, published in international journals / conference proceedings. Dr. Rad has delivered lectures about Mathematical Modeling, Optimization, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), Fuzzy Set Theory, Fuzzy DEA, Systems Simulation, Quantitative Methods, Statistical Analysis and Research Methodology at many conferences, workshops and trainings. He was editor of various conference proceedings. Dr.Rad has held various editorial and management positions and gained broad range of experience in scientific publishing. Contact Dr. Rad


Vice-President, Business Development

Ehsanollah Mansourirad


Company Description:

RadZ Publishing is publisher of international journals and books in Mathematical Sciences, Operations Research, Business, Finance and Economics. RadZ Publishing operates under RadZ Consulting Company which is a Business Consulting Firm. The company was founded in 2014 (Registered in 2017) and it is registered and operating in downtownSacramento, California, USA.

Experts: RadZ Publishing serves over one million scientists and research professionals all over the world. We partner with community of 600 editorial board members, thousands of reviewers and 25,000 authors.

Our Mission: RadZ Publishing aims to provide high-level quality service in scientific publishing. We combine the highest international standards of scientific quality together with efficient peer-review process. RadZ provides open access to our editions as the readers can freely obtain, read, download and print the full text of the research articles, surveys, journals and books published by us.

Profesional membership: ALPSP, SPARC Europe, CrossRef, ICORE

Digital preservation: The journals of RadZ Publishing are digitally archived in PORTICO.


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